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James Keenan speaks of ancient anomalies, the loss of culture, the Uintah Basin of Utah, and much more. 

Dave Rosenfeld Area 52

Dave goes into detail about Area 52 AKA Dugway 

Calvin Parker ep:38

Speaking with Clavin parker about possibly the strangest UFO case ever. 

Darcy Weir : Beyond the Spectrum on the HEROparanormal podcast episode 37. 

Pearl Harbor oddities with Wil Hoffmann

HERO paranormal podcast # 35 Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, hosted by : Ryan Burns

Cody Knotts ep:34

The new Kecksburg movie by Cody and the incident discussed at length honestly. 

Jason Gleaves talks about UFOs his last two books, analyzing Ufos and much more. Don't miss it!

Barry Fitzgerald from the Zohar Stargate Group speaks of portals, snake worship, and the entities involved in High Strangeness along the Shapeshifter Territory in Utah, among other...

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