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UFOs and the Epstein/Maxwell dumpster fire

Kendall Whelpton : The House In Between / Ghosts, UFOs, Aliens, Shapeshifter Territory, etc

James Keenan : The Shapeshifter Scare and more about Shapeshifter Territory

Alan Ginn: talking Skinwalkers and Ghosts. Broadcasting from a bunker in shapeshifter territory

JOSHUA CUTCHIN: Where the Footprints End - HEROparanormal #58   BIGFOOT SKINWALKERS and GHOSTS

Yes Space Wolf Research burned to the ground

Scott Alan Roberts - The Secret History of the Reptilians #57 Full episode

Cody Knotts : Moral Panic

Cody Knotts : Moral Panic

Jeffery Sortino : Identity of God. Jeffery speaks of delving deep into ancient manuscripts to find astonishing truths. 

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