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Skinwalker Ranch Owner, letting the world know and how it all happened: MJ Banias

Ben Hansen: Covid 19 and Uintah Basin news

The MoundBuilder Myth - Jason Colavito

Corona Virus : STEVE BARONE, barely making it back to the USA before Quarantine

Corona Virus, Reptilians, and SSP with James Rink

Amazing New podcaster Juan Ayala, with HEROparanormal, getting super DEEP n Dirty- Juan on Juan style. Caves in Skinwalker country, dark energies, occult practices, 5G, and everyth...

UFOs Over VEGAS with Steve Barone

Jay Matthews: UFOs in the UK, Special programs, Dogmen, and wild animal mutilations. Of course we delve into shapeshifters and the Uintah basin. 

Danny Silva: TTSA, NIDS, AAWSAP, AATIP, and Bigelow players.

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