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Malcom Robinson explains the amazing case surrounding Scotland's first officially reported UFO Abduction case. 

Juan Ayala delves into the enigma of the Homunculus with HEROparanormal. Explaining how old occult rituals by the brightest minds may have gone about creating life in secret though...

George Knapp & Colm Kelleher: Skinwalkers at the Pentagon 

Erik the Adventurer comes off a recent adventure looking into Bigfoot in Idaho and delves deeply into Reptilians, Bigfoot, & Organic Robotoids

Robert Guffey : Chameleo, Homeland Security, and High Strangeness 

 Skinwalkers at Space Wolf Research, General Jeremiah Davis, & The Collins Elite

Juan Ayala from the Juan on Juan podcast discusses NPCs, Plato's Cave, and Matrix Theory 

Jason Gleaves goes into the mix describing his new book : UFO encounters up close and personal 

Terry Carter, renowned youtube personality joins the Hyper-anomalous Esoteric Research Organization podcast (HEROparanormal) to discuss Utah treasure, giants and mysteries.T

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